Andrea Pregoni
Player Profile & Key Attributes

Player Profile & Key Attributes

Andrea is known for his impeccable skill of anticipation and reading the play, being uncompromising and tough in the tackle, exceptional at opponent marking and intercepting danger, comfortable in possession, perfectly dual-footed with accurate distribution, for his excellent pace and recovering possession, and boasting a great physique and exceptional athleticism.

Andrea has the qualities that are key in modern football – speed, anticipation, reading the play, distribution and good timing in tackles; something that not many defenders can perfect.



> Great physique and exceptional athleticism
> Uncompromising and tough in the tackle
> Good at opponent marking and intercepting dangeR
> Comfortable in possession, dual-footed and accurate distribution
> Excellent pace and recovering possession
> Good positional sense/peripheral vision
> Credible leadership qualities – nominated Captain three times